Girl, Wash Your Face (and Other Good Advice)

girl, wash your face

A mix of motivational, honest, and funny, Girl, Wash Your Face exposes some of the lies we believe about ourselves.

Author Rachel Hollis debunks lies like “I’m Going to Marry Matt Damon” (Chapter 13) and “I am Defined by My Weight” (Chapter 17), spending time discussing everything from pregnancy to becoming a career woman. Her goal is that in exposing these lies, we can recognize a deeper truth: That we are responsible for who we become and how happy we are.

One of the biggest draws of this book is the openness Hollis uses when she discusses topics, even ones that are considered taboo (like Chapter 7: I’m Bad at Sex). In a marketplace that tends to avoid the nitty-gritty details of what many women believe to be major issues in their lives, Hollis doesn’t shy away from these conversations.

For example, in Chapter Five: Loving Him is Enough For Me, she is real about what makes a relationship work (communication, respect and most importantly, self-respect) and what anxieties women go through in life.

I also loved reading her stories related to stress during Chapter Three on the lie, “I’m Not Good Enough”. Hollis explains that at nineteen she got Bell’s Palsy and half of her face became paralyzed. This happened again during a vacation to Paris, during which she posed next to the Eiffel tower, eye patch and all (since her eye couldn’t close by itself). These severe physical symptoms came on as a reaction to the stress she put herself under trying to prove her worth to herself.

In a culture of “hard work now = success later” and the mentality that you must be doing something to be accepted, I could definitely relate to what Hollis was talking about. She explains that,

“Learning to rest is an ongoing process. Like any other lifelong behavior, I constantly fight the desire to slip back into the role I’ve played for so long… I learned that I am a recovering workaholic, but through this process, I also learned that I am a child of God—and that trumps everything else.” (30)

Truly learning to find that balance of work and rest takes some commitment. It’s not about spending time doing nothing (although that can be important too), it’s about finding those soul refreshing actions that rejuvenate you for the next challenge.

I also loved how Hollis walks through life with you by opening up her life to you. She shares some of her toughest moments and biggest challenges in this book, including her five-year-long journey towards adoption. Her stories are so impactful because they are lessons learned the hard way, and battles won only after a long fight towards victory.

After having several heart-breaking moments with her foster care experience, Hollis and her husband, Dave, turned to independent adoption and began the waiting process all over again. Hollis shares,

“During those months we waited, I walked in faith. My steps weren’t bold or filled with the bravado I’d had at the beginning of the journey nearly five years before. My faith walk became cautious and unsure. I blindly stumbled my way down a path I could not see. I chose to move forward because, while I knew I would find pain, I also knew I would draw strength. I could look at the six months prior or five years in total and choose to be angry. Or I could look at the whole long journey and recognize all that we’d been given.” (173)

Though the path may be difficult, Hollis encourages women to walk in faith and to take those steps to meet their own goals. We are the only ones who have the power to truly change our own lives. Not our moms. Not our best friends. Just us.

I definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a motivating and honest book about the realities (and the lies) we face on a daily basis. I hope you read it and feel your own power to conquer your fear, win your battles, and meet your goals. I know I did.

“Rise up from where you’ve been, scrub away the tears and the pain of yesterday, and start again… Girl, wash your face!” (213)







2 thoughts on “Girl, Wash Your Face (and Other Good Advice)

  1. Great post! I liked the way it started haha. If you’re ever wanting to do more book reviews or anything like that, you should check out – we’re always looking for talented people to guest post, like yourself. No pressure though! Keep up the great work here. – Thanks, Alex


    • Hi Alex! Thank you so much! I will definitely check out, it sounds pretty awesome. If you guys ever want book reviews, I would love to guest post mine!


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